I-95 Corridor Coalition MBUF Study

The I-95 Corridor Coalition is bringing an East Coast voice to the
national discussion on how to pay for roads in the future.

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I-95 Corridor Coalition

MBUF has mostly been studied in western states, and the I-95 Corridor Coalition wants to bring an East Coast perspective to the national conversation about MBUF.

Through this study, the Coalition will explore the unique challenges of managing out-of-state mileage and interoperability with toll authorities. The study will also explore some of the value-added benefits available to drivers through MBUF. 

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Project Overview

The centerpiece of the Coalition’s MBUF study was a focused pilot in Delaware, which also included regional stakeholders. The main purpose of the focused pilot, which took place in Spring 2018, was to gain a better understanding of how a mileage-based user fee might work on the East Coast. A multi-state truck pilot is currently underway.

The I-95 Corridor Coalition is neutral regarding MBUF as the ultimate solution for transportation funding, but wants to ensure that the voices of citizens along the I-95 corridor are part of the national discussion. Results from studies across the country will help policy-makers decide on next steps.